I Woke up early one morning opened the fridge and realized that I have no milk for my favorite muesli breakfast. I knew mine was to take a long walk to the unknown supermarket that I only saw when driving past with my wife on our way to town.I desperately needed to buy at least a liter of fresh milk for my dry muesli breakfast. I especially love to the more fruity and less nutty versions.

But first I went cyber to check my emails and what’s trending, I didn’t want to miss the usual drama in Parliament especially since the controversial Brine Molefe was appointed as a Member of Parliament.

I was also expecting an email from my publishers regarding my book “THE AZANIAN”, I couldn’t be happier to use it as a scapegoat for me to roam around the web.

I put on my , walk friendly gear and was off to the unknown supermarket via the according to me, the tranquilest environment with indigenous trees and various dogs silently barking acknowledging their territories.

Consequently I decided to lower my pace trying to avoid the dogs to change their minds and immediately focused away eastwards, from the dogs minding my own business and continued my walk down tranquil avenue.

It was not long after first light, when suddenly my breath was taken away by this super awesome sunrise and I knew in an instant, It will be gone as it appeared.
And I went straight like a robot on steroids, for my 21pixels cellphone camera, to capture the perfect moment.

But I soon realized that I was dreaming as I heard my alarm clock emergency like ringtone-that brought me back to reality and made think of the person I’m allergic to, my boss.
And my dream was gone, gone too soon, maybe forever…


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